The Optimize Fund LP
The Optimize Fund LP


The Optimize Fund L.P. is a uniquely positioned Global Hedged Equity Fund. The Fund actively pursues those companies able to capitalize on the most significant secular trend since the industrial revolution of the late 19th, early 20th century; that being the emergence both economically and socially of approximately three quarters of the world’s population. The demands of these emerging economies, many of which have a highly-educated class of people, have impacted not only their domestic evolution but revitalized many of the stagnate developed countries’ outlooks. Global trade has intensified to the point that demand for most natural resources has pushed prices to all-time highs despite the severe financial crisis.

Complementing this macro approach is the strong quantitative infrastructure built internally by Optimize to enhance the ranking and screening of stocks, creating a highly efficient decision-making process. This platform is done on a regional and sectoral basis to facilitate the comparative analysis element of our investment strategy.

With respect to our risk management framework, we use options to mitigate the downside on both individual stocks and for portfolio insurance. Additionally, premium generation via option writing lowers the cost base and provides an additional form of yield in range trading stocks and markets. Execution of event-driven strategies is often undertaken via an options-related structure. Although the short side of the equation is a crucial element in offsetting long position losses in bear markets they do add an element of unquantifiable potential loss if equities or the market go against the investor. In light of this dynamic we use options to provide short-side exposure which further curtails our risk profile at a marginal cost.

Lastly, our investment strategy is dynamic so as to capitalize on opportunities in any given market environment. This differentiated approach is projected to result in reduced volatility in the Fund’s performance over time, while still generating the excess returns equities historically produce over fixed-income products.

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