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Investment Process
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  1. Identify
    Our initial macro approach identifies geographic opportunities and emerging themes, recognizes sector valuation/growth anomalies and pinpoints secular trends at early stage.

  2. Quantify
    Once these themes are identified our multi-factor quantitative filter ranks and screens stocks with customized sectoral weightings, identifying inflection points through ranking change analysis; efficiently and productively narrowing our universe.

  3. Analysis
    Once the quantitative filter identifies top companies we engage in: bottom-up fundamental analysis, qualitative assessment (i.e., management, consistency of earnings growth, barriers to entry, etc.) and assess history, outlook and identify catalysts (i.e., new legislation, regime change, etc.)

  4. Insure
    We use derivatives to enter and exit positions, enhance yield and reduce our cost base. Most commonly we employ option strategies to provide portfolio insurance and to mitigate risks for individual securities with potentially negative upcoming events.

  5. Implemention
    Lastly we use Technical analysis for the timing and execution of trades; technical analysis does not drive our investment process. We identify momentum trends, recognize the rate of change in price and second derivatives, identify volume anomalies associated with abnormal price movements, compare relative strength of stocks in the same sector, assess peer group behavior and discover patterns that help with our trade execution.
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